Jordan Lewis


I am a 1975 graduate of Golden Valley High School in Golden Valley, MN and a 1979 graduate of Williams College in Williamstown, MA, where I was a small college All American swimmer. After college I worked for six years for a total of three daily newspapers, two in Massachusetts and a third in Wisconsin. In 1986, I started law school at the University of Minnesota Law School, where I worked for two years on the school’s law review. After graduation I worked for two years at what was then called Robins Kaplan Miller & Ciresi, which is – then and now – one of the most successful plaintiffs’ law firm in the country.

In 1992, I started with a small Minneapolis-based commercial law firm which is now known as Siegel Brill. There I became a lawyer, largely due to the skill of my mentors and the freedom and responsibility they gave me. During my 20 years I opened and later closed two of Siegel Brill’s law offices, one in Milwaukee, WI and the second in Philadelphia, PA.

In 2012, my family moved to Fort Lauderdale, FL and I took a job with Kelley Uustal, a preeminent plaintiffs’ law firm. This was a complete circle for me, as this new law firm is, in many ways, a smaller version of the firm I first started with in 1989.

In 2016, after more than 10 years of thinking about it, I opened Jordan Lewis, P.A.

Unique Digs

The Law Office of Jordan Lewis, P.A. is located in a warehouse in an industrial area of Fort Lauderdale. This isn’t a gimmick. It’s perfectly conducive to focused, uninterrupted work with few distractions and little overhead.

4473 N.E. 11th Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33334

Tel: 954-616-8995
Cell: 612-559-3660
Fax: 954-206-0374