What My Clients Say

For 10 years Jordan Lewis represented me with approximately 200 others in a class action suit against Fed Ex Ground. I was always impressed with his availability, attention to detail and honesty. He kept us informed through the process and was always realistic. In the end it was a fair and rewarding outcome for all. I highly recommend Jordan Lewis if you are in need of legal help.”

– Shane Tucker

“When I needed help standing up to one of our country’s largest companies, I chose Jordan Lewis. Against daunting odds, Jordan stood by me every step of the way: from the initial court filing through discovery, my deposition, and the certification as a class action lawsuit, Jordan always provided strong counsel and support. It wasn’t always easy and big companies, with big pockets, always managed to find a way to slow the process down. Jordan steered me around each and every obstacle, from the appeals process through tough negotiations and ultimately, to a very fair settlement. I can honestly say that without Jordan Lewis’ assistance, I believe my case would have fallen through the cracks and neither me, nor anyone else in the class, would have received a dime. My family and I are grateful to Jordan for his help, support and tenacity. Jordan Lewis was the right choice for me.”

– Tom Westcott , Baltimore, Maryland

“Jordan was quick to respond to our questions and compassionate to our situation. We are completely satisfied with the outcome and would personally and professionally recommend his services.”

– Janet P.

“Jordan was great! My son is on the Autism Spectrum and ABA therapy is a proven method to help our children. He helped my son to obtain the ABA services from our insurance company that my son needs to improve his life.  As a parent with a child on the Autism Spectrum comes a great deal of stress and fighting for their rights to get the services they deserve and need and with Jordan’s help we were able to get the services that my son was entitled too, which relieved some of our stress.”

– Anna S.

Jordan represented us against a large corporation that had been giving my wife the round around for years!  We hired Jordan primarily because we felt he was trying to “make a difference” by representing a group of individuals that was not being heard.  He was judicious with our time, thoughtful, experienced and effective in representing us.  In the end, I felt like he always had my family’s best interest in mind and would strongly recommend Jordan in any situation.
– Jeff Chaney, Missouri
Jordan represented me in a very challenging case brought against a huge multinational corporation. I needed the guidance and direction and Jordan was the person to do it. We fought the good fight together, with his knowledge and expertise, we were able to navigate the land minds.
– J.P.
Jordan is a professional and knows what he is doing . He takes a personal interest in your needs and finds the best way possible to represent you. He pays close attention to the details and information on both sides. He is a straight forward person and pleasant to work with. I recommend him if you’re looking for quality work .
-Jaime Brown

I was very impressed with Jordan Lewis when we discussed a case regarding my son. What seemed to me to be very complex, Jordan broke it down so that we could pursue a legitimate, and far reaching case. A case that would not only recognize my son’s struggle, but also so many other children with alcohol and drug use disorder. Jordan was always upfront, always thorough in answering my questions. As we went through deposition- he always stated- just tell the truth. If you are confused, admit it. If you made a mistake, come back and correct it.

The case took time, and Jordan never wavered.

I will highly recommend Jordan Lewis.

-Collyer Smith

What My Colleagues Say

“If you want the unvarnished truth about something – the merits of your case, the likelihood your case will succeed, the potential downsides of your case, whether or not you should get a different pair of glasses – Jordan is your best bet. Even though he has relentless positive energy and is forward-thinking and forward-looking, he has a very low tolerance for BS of any kind. And he is beloved for that rare quality of candor, as well as his intellect, ingenuity, flawless ethics, terrific personality, tact, and the heart of a tiger prowling to remedy the injustices of the jungle.”

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The Law Office of Jordan Lewis, P.A. is located in a warehouse in an industrial area of Fort Lauderdale. This isn’t a gimmick. It’s perfectly conducive to focused, uninterrupted work with few distractions and little overhead.

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