About Jordan

I am a 1975 graduate of Golden Valley High School in Golden Valley, MN and a 1979 graduate of Williams College in Williamstown, MA, where I was a small college All American swimmer. After college I worked for six years for a total of three daily newspapers, two in Massachusetts and a third in Wisconsin. In 1986, I started law school at the University of Minnesota Law School, where I worked for two years on the school’s law review. After graduation I worked for two years at what was then called Robins Kaplan Miller & Ciresi, which is – then and now – one of the most successful plaintiffs’ law firm in the country.

In 1992, I started with a small Minneapolis-based commercial law firm which is now known as Siegel Brill. That's where I learned the practice of law, largely due to the skill of my mentors and the freedom and responsibility they gave me. During my 20 years I opened and later closed two of Siegel Brill’s law offices, one in Milwaukee, WI and the second in Philadelphia, PA.

In 2012, my family moved to Fort Lauderdale, FL and I took a job with Kelley Uustal, a preeminent plaintiffs’ law firm. This was a complete circle for me, as this new law firm is, in many ways, a smaller version of the firm I first started with in 1989.

In 2016, after more than 10 years of thinking about it, I opened Jordan Lewis, P.A.

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Class Actions

Since 1994, I have primarily litigated class actions. In class cases, a single person can challenge a practice that affected hundreds, and even hundreds of thousands, of persons, and – if she prevails – can secure relief for them.


Employment Litigation

In today’s highly competitive market, wage theft – which involves various sharp practices that, regardless of an employer’s intent, results in under-paying employees – has become commonplace. My focus is primarily in two types of cases, both involving multi-person systemic practices.


Commercial Litigation

The same skills and disciplines that I have learned litigating class cases are involved in representing businesses. Some of these cases are brought as class cases.

  • $9.9 Million

    I was cocounsel on a settled case against a health care insurer involving claims that the insurer improperly and misleadingly denied covered claims due to immaterial errors by the subscribers in their claims submission.

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  • $4.3 Million

    I was cocounsel on an ERISA case that tried and went to judgment concerning the health insurer’s improper method of calculating subscribers’ coinsurance.

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  • $8.7 Million

    I was lead counsel in a case involving a claim that about 200 class members were improperly classified as independent contractors instead of employees.

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  • $7.8 Million

    I was lead counsel in an age discrimination case brought by about 50 former employees of a multi-national who were fired in multiple but related “reductions-in-force.”

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What I Offer

I offer the advantages of highly sophisticated legal representation without the drawbacks and disadvantages of Big Law retention. I have worked alongside, and opposite, many of the best lawyers in America, and I’ve paid attention. I have learned from all of them, and I have the ballast and experience to, where appropriate, incorporate their good ideas and habits into my own practice.

Ultimately, most businesses will have to adopt the “Uber business model”: Ruthlessly efficient; utterly transparent; always willing to compete. Law firms will have to change to reflect this new business imperative. This law firm, I believe, reflects this new reality.

I have been lucky in my professional life to have worked on wide array of cases involving an unusual collection of claims, laws and statutes. I don’t think within the box, mostly because I rarely know where the box is. That’s usually an advantage.

I am authentic

I won’t put on airs, and I won’t pretend to be something I’m not. I am the same person at home as I am at work.
You won’t be confused
about with whom you’re working.

I am your advocate

You won’t have any doubt as to whose side I’m on.

I won’t be outworked

I know how to work, and how to work smart.

Against daunting odds, Jordan stood by me every step of the way: from the initial court filing through discovery, my deposition, and the certification as a class action lawsuit, Jordan always provided strong counsel and support.

Tom Westcott, Baltimore, Maryland

For 10 years Jordan Lewis represented me with approximately 200 others in a class action suit against Fed Ex Ground. I was always impressed with his availability, attention to detail and honesty. I highly recommend Jordan Lewis if you are in need of legal help.

Shane Tucker

Jordan was quick to respond to our questions and compassionate to our situation. We are completely satisfied with the outcome and would personally and professionally recommend his services.

Janet P.

The Good Word

Unique Digs

The Law Office of Jordan Lewis, P.A. is located in a warehouse in an industrial area of Fort Lauderdale. This isn’t a gimmick. It’s perfectly conducive to focused, uninterrupted work with few distractions and little overhead.

4473 N.E. 11th Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33334

Tel: 954-616-8995
Cell: 612-559-3660
Fax: 954-206-0374
Email: jordan@jml-lawfirm.com